Thursday, April 3, 2008

Making Memories Embellishment Center

I got one - I got one!! In honor of my sis's birthday day today (happy birthday shannon - why did I have the strange urge to type Aggie?), I went shopping!! I had 2 50% off coupons just burning a whole in my purse and thought I'd go browse around. Since becomming a Stampin up! demo, it's just not the same going to the craft stores, I don't need alot of their stuff anymore, cuz I have an all access pass to the gorgeous stampin up stuff. I usually try to find some storage items with my coupons. I was thrilled when I saw this Making Memories Embellishment Center right there on the shelf, waiting for me to take her home!! I'd seen them in the pottery barn catalog for $99 and thought... maybe someday. Today is someday baby!! This was $79 less 50%!!! That's like what - 10 bucks (okay a little more, but it's still a good deal)! Don't all my things look beautiful in it? Well, that's cuz it's still in the box and this is the picture from the box - LOL! Anyway, just thought I'd share my moment of joy with you all this morning:)


snowcountry311 said...

michele-very cute!

Suzanne Watson said...

"This was $79 less 50%!!! That's like what - 10 bucks"

I love your crafters math!!!