Friday, June 27, 2008

some thank you cards

Here are the thank you cards that I made for my son who just had a birthday. The blue ones are for his friends that came to the party. You can't help but smile, you you open up this quite unassuming card and see all these crazy faces smiling back at you. Some fancy manuevers with my coluzzle and I had the peek through hole in the front, then I punched circles out of cooridnating paper to embellish a little. The "long" word window was made by first cutting a strip of paper narrrow enough so one end could be fed up through the punch so that only one end got the rounded edge.

The Thank Ewe card is for the non-party attendees and to make it more baseball theme friendly, I replaced the sheep's heart with a sporting goods baseball. The large scallop cirle is a marvy giga punch embellished with coluzzle cut red and black circles. Thanks for stoppin in!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

oooops - I jumped the gun

I was just reading a blog and was enlightened to the fact that because the Decor elements brochure is in "preview" phase, I should not be posting it on my blog yet. That's why the link is gone for now, but if you'd like to see a copy, I can email it to you, just contact me via email at to request it and I'll be happy to assist!

another baseball card

Are you sick of baseball and baseball stuff yet? I'm getting there! Today DS has to attend a birthday party (actually they were both born on the SAME day) and we needed a card to send along with him. I figured as long as this one wasn't being mailed, that I would make it special by using up a 6 x 6 envelope I had and making the card to match. The baseball is cut using a pot lid just off the top of folded white cardstock so that it could open. The lacing was drawn on using the same potlid as a guide for my arches. I think it turned out pretty cute. The whole thing is then mounted on a 6 x 6 red base. Who knew potlids could come in so handy - lord knows they are clean from lack of use :) Thanks for stopping by - have a great one!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home Run Derby - whiffle ball party today!

Today is Tyler's birthday party. Here's a pic of him opening one of his presents on his "real birthday". For his party, we've installed a "homerun" fence in the backyard. What a great feeling to hit one over the fence!!! Anyway, it looked just a little too plain for me, so I made some "sponsor boards" to hang on the fence. They look really cute IRL, the picture doesn't do them justice, but I wanted to share anyway 'cuz I think I'm pretty funny putting the SU sponsor board up and my kids say that that's the one they are gonna aim for during the homerun derby! Have a great day... I"ll be "partying" in the backyard with around 20 kids!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Link to Decor Elements Brochure added!

-------------------------------------------------> Look to your right!

After being "called out" for leaving ya'll hanging since my Tuesday post announcing this new venture by SU, I've added a link to the brand new Decor Elements catalog. Click on the link and then you can either view the PDF file or download it. This new line of vinyl wall art will be available to customers starting July 1st! Take a look through the brochure and let me know what you think! I think I'm in love... I've ordered some via demo pre-order and when I get them "installed" I'll share pics here with ya'll!! (I'm a southerner today). Have a great one!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today was finally the day... Stampin Up! told us awhile ago that they would be announcing a new product line today. I've had a chance now to listen to the audio announcement and the big news.... drum roll please (da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, dum)

I know, I know - what the heck are they?!? Click here to see similar products and I will be able to tell you more tomorrow, but here's what I do know... They are sorta like big (sometimes huge) self-adhesive vinyl elements for your walls, home decor, etc. They will match some of the existing stamp sets and will be available for customer purchase starting July 1st. During Phase I, they will come in Chocolate Chip and White and will feature Alphabet letters, phrases and art (a diverse selection in 2 sizes). They will remove from your walls with ease, but once removed, will not be re-useable. They sound REALLY fun and I can't wait to see them tomorrow! Stay tuned for more info.... but first leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts on this!

birthday goodie bags

Here is one of the goodie bags for T's upcoming bday party. I intended to put the whiffle ball into the bag with candy, but it didn't fit, so I had to improvise. The bag is a stampin up treat bag and the topper mimics the invitations in sky blue and has the coluzzle cut baseball peeking off the top. The bags are stamped on with Stazon and names written with slick writer pens. Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, June 16, 2008

flowers for teacher

Hi there, don't you just love to receive flowers? I do, but I often think that they are kind of a waste of money as they only last about a week. So, when I saw some paper flowers made in the SCS gallery, I wanted to try my own. I stamped the open petal from pick a petal onto both sides of designer paper and punched them out with my oval punch. Then I took a 1 x 3 strip of cooridnating cardstock and cut slits into it and wrapped it tightly around the metal part of a pencil leaving the eraser for the center. The flower petals were tough to adhere and keep them where I wanted them, so I taped some thin guage wire to the back of each petal and then curled the petal with my stylus before wrapping the pencil in floral tape to hold the petals on. The leaves are made by stamping another pick a petal leave onto green and adhering the same way. I made three flowers and inserted some fake flower greenery for filler. The "vase" is one of those dollar store tootsie roll banks. Thanks for stopping in!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day - I know that not alot (okay, probably none) of father's read my blog, but I think Father's Day is an important day to celebrate - even more so for me than mother's day. so there will be no new projects to share with you today, as I will be spending the day doing dad's day stuff (translate soccer games and a cookout), but I wanted to share a glimspe into my life. I am lucky enough to be married the BEST father my kids could ever have! Having 2 boys, I can't imagine their lives without Chris as their dad - the three of them are best buds and I can't wait for the day that they will realize how great their really dad is!! Thanks Chris for being such a good daddy to our kids - I love you! Oh, can't forget my dad in all of this - thanks, Dad for blessing me with your wit and humor and your athletic ability, and of course your good looks too :) I love you too! Have a great day everyone :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You're invited to a whiffle ball tourney - birthday invite

Hi there! I've been busy working on some simple invitations for my DS #2's upcoming birthday. This happens every year... it's May and then BAM, it's June and I haven't even thought about this big event :( This year he wants a huge whiffle ball tournament at his favorite stadium (our backyard). This tent topper card seemed to fit the bill - he even helped me stamp them... well, one! The half circle and the baseball were cut using my coluzzle. Tyler got his name stamp for Christmas in his stocking, so it came in handy for the heading. Thanks for stopping by - email me if you have any questions. Sorry for the crappy pictures, it's a tough time of day to get a decent picture.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Paper Lantern Technique using Pretty Peony

My friend Gayla (hi Gayla) sends me at least 1 link per day of cards/blogs that she loves. I had to agree with this one! She sent me a link to JanTink's blog called Stamps, Paper, Scissors and told me to check out the May 22nd post. Jan had done a technique she called paper lantern. It uses the good 'ole crimper and I thought it was really neat, so I gave it a try. I have a problem when I first try something branching out, so you'll see that my card is pretty similar to Jan's (plus her's was so pretty - why deviate). So here's my finshed product. After you stamp and crimp the focal image, just lay it on top of a dark colored (I used chocolate chip) ink pad and tap lightly. It doesn't matter if the lines come out uneven, and actually looks more realistic that way. The only thing I might do differently next time is to stamp off the sanded background before stamping onto the river rock cardstock. Gayla, et al... hope you like it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Birthday - Maurice Rubbernecker Stamp

Meet Maurice... he's another new rubbernecker stamp that I got the recent expo I attended. I had this white scrap lying around (I must have needed two white punched circles). I decided that he would fit nicely standing beside the punched circles and then I'd figure something out from there. I used the hat and gift from Crab & Co. in the punched out areas, and this is how it all came together. He even has some crystal effects on his glasses to make them shine a bit. Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, June 2, 2008

party your panties off

This stamp so reminds me of my grandmother (whom I am very quickly it seems turning into :) Totally skipped my mother and went straight to my grandmother (mostly in the boob area). Anyway, this is Ester and she's another one of the rubbernecker stamps that I picked up at the expo. This all started with my grandmother's polka dot polyester pants - she really had a pair just like this! I couldn't stamp them with black, so I stamped them with very vanilla and cut them out and piece them onto the main image. I think this turned out really cute and will be part of a group of cards that I give to my friend Kaelene for a b-day present. Tomorrow I hope to introduce you to Ester's friend!