Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet Scoops - Sneak Peak

Ssssshhh.... this is a sneak peak of a new stamp set from Stampin' Up!'s Summer Mini. The mini goes live on May 1st. Because I'm a demo, I get to pre-order from mini so I can be all ready to show samples when it is open to the public. This set I actually earned for free for placing a qualifying order within 3 weeks of the regional that was supposed to be held in Syracuse, NY but was canceled due to snow (the drawback of living in CNY). This cute little set has the 2 cone types and hard and soft ice cream scoops as well as sprinkes, a cherry, a wood grain looking stamp that gives your hard scoop ice cream that striated look and the sentiment. I'm just realizing that I managed to use ALL the stamps from the set on this card.... yeah me! The darker green cone on the right is done by inking the solid hard scoop and then taking some ink off by stamping the un-inked texture stamp onto the inked ice cream scoop. The hard scoop ice cream on the left is what is left on the texture stamp after removing ink from the other cone. Confusing I know, but worth the effort of explaining I hope. What do you think?