Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Digital Studio - Pee Wee Hockey Scrapbook

I have spent the better part of 3 days working on this digital scrapbook for my son's hockey team. They were an AMAZING group of kids this year and pretty darned good hockey players to boot! They participated in several important tournaments including our own Travel Tournament, a Thanksgiving International Invitational, A Northeast Regional qualifier and the Silver Stick International Finals in Michigan, Pre-Sectionals, Sectionals and ultimately the New York State Championships! Wow - how's that for a bit of a brag :) The scrapbook was made using My Digital Studio and is the first real project that I've done with it. It was so easy. A bit time consuming (83 pages), but that's because I didn't have all my stuff together and I had to scan a bunch of newspaper articles and clippings in. I've pulled a sampling of pages to show you here. The best part of this digital scrapbook is that when the players are viewing their copies, they can click on the "hot spots" and see the articles written about them! The program even has the ability to record (we read in some of the coaches emails) and add audio bytes as well as video bytes. Unfortunately, my video camera wasn't cooperative this weekend so that will have to be next year's scrapbook! Enjoy the pages and please let me know what you think! CLICK ON ANY OF THE PAGES TO SEE MORE DETAIL!

I'm bummed that the coach wears purple page got messed up during exportation. The fonts didn't transport, so it screwed up the placement. It is supposed to read "Our COACH rocks... even in PURPLE". It's one of my favorite pages. He obviously didn't know the reporter was coming to do a story on the (red and blue) team.

Note: These awesome photos were purchased and downloaded from articles Jeff Pexton at
Jeff does an awesome job covering local sports and highlighting them online. Thanks Jeff!

This page features grandma and grandpa with the "fatheats" that I made of my son and his friend (the goalie). Also pictured are the fans holding up their kids' heart during the game. Believe it or not, for playoff games, we are not allowed to bring noise makers to the arena. What kind of hockey is quiet?!?