Sunday, November 2, 2008

Photo Light Box

Here's my highly technical light box - LOL! It really does help to take a decent picture of my creations - especially since my macro setting broke on my camera. You can see from the picture of the box with the light shining into it how bright it is in there. All I did was find a cardboard box that was white on the outside and cut it open at the seams and basically turn it inside out and tape it back up. The bottom is open and I just slide a piece of white paper in when I'm going to take a picture. The lamp I use is an ott-like light. I got this one from Home Depot and while I don't have an Ott, I'm told that it is very similar and a MUCH more affordable option. This light cost me about $10 and it came with the bulb! It's perfect for the basement when I have to color or need to work on fine details.

This is the set up before the light is bent down to shine in the box. The other picture is the box being stored under my work surface when not in use. So there you have my highly technical photo system :) Hope this helps someone out there!


Dawn said...

Love it. OK - what's the name of that kind of light?

Rhonda Langley said...

Thanks so much for sharing your highly advanced photo light box. I love it!!! I struggle so much with taking photos because I stamp in the basement and usually at night. Now all I have to do is find a white box and purchase a light.