Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Red, White and Blue Wheel

Do you ever look at the wheels in the catalog and think, they're cute, but I never use the wheels once I have them. ME TOO! I've recently decided that I will not be afraid and I will cut apart my wheels....yes, CUT APART!!! I know it sounds scary, but look what can come of it! This is a card I made for a Summer Mini Catalog swap. It features the Red, White and Blue Jumbo wheel from the new Summer Mini. Below is a picture of the wheel cut apart, and stored in a CD case (although I may change to a SU DVD case now). This is the "inside" of the card. See the back of the star now? That is done using the movers and shapers die and the "half-cut ornament window" technique as shown on Dawn Olchefske's youtube channel. Cool, huh?

The jumbo wheel was carefully cut apart, tombo mono-multi adhesive applied and allowed to dry and then I just use these stamps on my clear blocks. I can even put them all back together (I'm good at puzzles, lol) on a large block if I want the "wheel" affect again. Another cool, huh?

Thanks for stopping by! I'll post my other swap card featuring Tropical Party tomorrow.


Heidi Baks said...

I bought that wheel to cut apart too, but I haven't bit the bullet yet.