Saturday, May 15, 2010

doodle factory creatures

Today I have some cards that I made for a friend. She has the same goofy sense of humor as I do, so I know she'll love these kinda "off-color" cards. Please stop reading if you are easily offended!

I made a group of 10 cards using the Doodle Factory Critters (I and II). This first card features Zed who is new. I just love these little guys and I wish that I had gotten the whole new set at the recent stamping expo.

The inside of this card reads "may the simple pleasures be yours today and throughout the coming year". Don't cha just love him... he even has a little green fun flock booger :)

This is Snargle, I like him as he can be for a man or a woman!

The inside of this card reads: "I just wanted to give you a reason to celebrate a little longer" Happy Belated Birthday.
And below is the whole set of cards. They are all birthday cards and will be a birthday present for my goofy friend, lol! I hope you can click the picture to see them in detail.
And here's a shot of my workspace after my 10 cards in one day frenzy. Why do I always seem to end up with only 6 inches of space to work in...
Gotta go clean up the Rubber Room now! Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend!


diane (cookiestamper) said...

ha ha...I like the "are you serious" one! cute set!