Sunday, August 10, 2008

celebrate - it's great!

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a great weekend! Why do they seem to go by so fast? Today, I got to stamp! I made 2 cards that will go in tomorrow's mail as birthday cards (both late)! I'll share those in a couple of days after the recipients have a chance to be surprised. I also made this can of happiness for a guy friend. This is a chunky soup can which was opened via the bottom of the can with a safety can opener. Once cleaned out and dried, I refilled it with some wrapped candy and nuts - couldn't fit any beer in there! Perhaps I should give him a 6-pack with it?!? Anyway, The tag on the side says CELEBRATE and there is a it's great circle thingy popped on dimensionals under the celebrate. The tag is tied on using a method my upline taught me. I took a picture and will attempt to explain it in case you're interested. Cut a length of ribbon (twine used here) long enough to go all the way around your can, leaving enough excess so you can make a bow. Thread both ENDS through a hole that has been punched in the tags and then place the loop end over your can and pull the ends tight. It helps to grab the opposite ends and pull kinda criss crossed (like you would if you were tying a shoe). Then just make your bow and viola! Let me know if you can't understand my oh so clear instructions and I'll help you out with some remedial lessons... LOL! Have a good monday and thanks for stoppin in!