Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stampin' Up! Announces Online ordering!

Holy Cow Dude!! Shelli Gardner just announced that Stampin' Up! is going to be unveiling a new ONLINE ORDERING system! You will be able to order through a demo business website like mine or directly through the company's customer website. (but you'd better order through mine... LOL!)

Here;s what I know so far:
--The Demo Locater is being changed and will list all demos within a certain proximity who have a business website. They will also have a Demo Directory so you can easily find YOUR demo, if you already have one.

--You will be able to order from your demo's business website and receive 1) catalog pricing 2) lower shipping and 3) Stampin' Rewards (oooh, this sounds fun!)

--If you absolutely do not want to have a demo, you will also be able to order directly from the Stampin' Up! customer website BUT the prices will be 10% higher, you'll also pay higher shipping, and you will not receive Stampin' Rewards.

--If you start an order on the Stampin' Up! customer website - you will be given many opportunities to either use the Demo Locater or the Demo Directory and choose a demo. Doing so will lower the prices 10% to equal those in the catalog. However, if you complete the order through the company's customer website you will still pay higher shipping prices and you will not receive Stampin' Rewards.

--The only way to receive catalog prices, lower shipping, and Stampin' Rewards on your online orders will be to order directly from a Demo Business Website (my Stampin Up! Website).

--More details will be announced tomorrow! I'm so excited about this wonderful news and I know many of you will be too! Of course, you will still be able to order personally through a demo, like always, but if you're like me and like to shop when the stores aren't open ( the convenience of online ordering is going to be fabulous! I'll keep you posted!