Saturday, July 12, 2008

Decor Elements on a Frame...

Edited to Add: Which one do you like better? In the blue one, I changed out the background paper and removed the thick inner circle leaving only the dots... I really like having the ability to change the background, especially not knowing what color my new space will be.

Well, I finally got around to doing something with some of my decor elements. I purchased a frame a while ago at Walmart, but it wasn't big enough, so this project got pushed aside until today. I was in Big Lots and I found this frame which was 14 x 18 for $10, so I decided to give it a try. I put my elements directly onto the front of the glass frame, so that I could change out the look by replacing the background paper. This is a piece (actually 1.5 pieces) from the retired linen prints I think. Once I centered the paper, I reinserted the mat that came with the frame to finish off the outside edges as the frame is 14" and the paper is only 12. It looks okay in the picture, but don't come to my house to look at it closely - it was not easy to put on! I shouldn't tell you all this and scare you, but at least I've been there done that, so when you are ready, I'll have some tips for you...

Tip #1 - DO NOT put the monogram on first and then try to center the frame around it - you cannot see the letter through the transfer sheet.

Tip #2 - DO NOT decide to just cut out the middle of the transfer paper from the frame. Now you can see the monogram to center around, but the frame as no rigidity and once it touches the glass - it's there.

Tip #3 - DO NOT attempt to do this at 10:30 at night with all those freaking little bugs that gather by the light after the kids have been in and out of the house a millon times - the PIA's (the bugs not the kids) land on the glass just as you are putting down the vinyl....argh!

Tip #4 - DO NOT attempt to do this after having a couple vanilla vodka's & diet cokes! (I know, that's probably a given, but no-one told me!)

Okay, enough tips for today - I do have more though, when you are ready. I have a strange urge to go stay at a Marriott - any clue why?


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I love the monogram.


diane (cookiestamper) said...

Your frame was worth the effort! I like tip #3...hehe.