Friday, June 27, 2008

some thank you cards

Here are the thank you cards that I made for my son who just had a birthday. The blue ones are for his friends that came to the party. You can't help but smile, you you open up this quite unassuming card and see all these crazy faces smiling back at you. Some fancy manuevers with my coluzzle and I had the peek through hole in the front, then I punched circles out of cooridnating paper to embellish a little. The "long" word window was made by first cutting a strip of paper narrrow enough so one end could be fed up through the punch so that only one end got the rounded edge.

The Thank Ewe card is for the non-party attendees and to make it more baseball theme friendly, I replaced the sheep's heart with a sporting goods baseball. The large scallop cirle is a marvy giga punch embellished with coluzzle cut red and black circles. Thanks for stoppin in!


Diane H said...

I love that picture card!!!!!! Cute as a button. TODiane

diane (cookiestamper) said...

Michele, I love your thank you cards! Not only are you teaching him good manners but you are giving the kids a super fun photo of the day. Great job!