Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day - I know that not alot (okay, probably none) of father's read my blog, but I think Father's Day is an important day to celebrate - even more so for me than mother's day. so there will be no new projects to share with you today, as I will be spending the day doing dad's day stuff (translate soccer games and a cookout), but I wanted to share a glimspe into my life. I am lucky enough to be married the BEST father my kids could ever have! Having 2 boys, I can't imagine their lives without Chris as their dad - the three of them are best buds and I can't wait for the day that they will realize how great their really dad is!! Thanks Chris for being such a good daddy to our kids - I love you! Oh, can't forget my dad in all of this - thanks, Dad for blessing me with your wit and humor and your athletic ability, and of course your good looks too :) I love you too! Have a great day everyone :)


diane (cookiestamper) said...

You have a great family Michele!