Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whitesboro, NY Shoebox Swap card

This is the project that I brought as my shoebox project to the Whitesboro, NY gathering. For those of you not familar, a shoebox project is one where you pre-design and pre-cut all the materials for everyone in attendance to make your project. All the supplies then get packed up (usually is a box, sometimes even a shoebox) and brought to the venue for everyone to share projects. Hence, the term Shoebox project. Anywho..... This is a stairstep card and while it looks a bit complicated it really isn't. I had precut and scored all the card bases (there were boy and girl kit choices). The participants in the shoebox gathering just had to shade the ink, punch the decorative pieces and assemble the project. This idea is NOT my original idea. I first saw it here on Jackie Topa's blog. All the instructions for the card base cut and folds are there and possibly a video as well. Thank you Jackie Topa for sharing!