Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Today is my dad's 69th birthday. Happy Birthday Dad (Yes, I know he doesn't read my blog!). Hopefully my mom or my sister will tell him that I gave him some love on my little piece of the web! Here's a picture of him doing one of his favorite things. He bought an old school bus and converted it into a "redneck" limo of sorts. He takes all sorts of people on tours of the wine country and the bus has been nickednamed the "fun bus" or the "drunk bus" around town. Where was he with this bus when I was a kid, lol?!? He is a great dad and I definately get my wit and my humor from him - so thanks alot dad, you sure have gotten me into alot of trouble,lol!

Here's the card I made for him. Kinda appropriate for him as he's a bigger wise-a$$ than I am! I'm' sure he'll chuckle! At work, we were getting rid of a bunch of these old fingerprint cards, so I snagged them to cut up for card fronts. I had the Crime Scene Kit stamps that were a perfect add-on. Cool, heh? The fingerprints were made by actually rolling my fingers in the ink - that was fun! Thanks for stopping in and if you see "Ike" wish him a Happy Birthday!