Thursday, March 18, 2010

a Bunny Box

It's almost time for easter! I subscribe to several blogs for ideas. This bunny box is one of those things that I saw on an email that I get when I subscribe to a blog and is a project that one blogger, Marie is doing for an upcoming class. I have a workshop coming up this weekend and open house at school tonight, so I thought I'd make 2 based on her picture... one for my hostess and one for the teacher. I took a pic of the pieces and the punches I used as I don't have time to compile a tutorial (sorry), but at least you can get an idea by the pictures. Pretty straight forward punching, shading and assembly. The only part you may need help with is the "box" part. When I decided to CASE (Copy and Share with Everyone) Marie, there was only a picture of this adorable box and no instructions as she hadn't held her class yet. When I make these boxes (like the Turkey one in a previous post) I use Tammy's tutorial found here. This little basic box will work with almost any top note creature you can come up with and is a good thing to keep as a reference! Have fun and Hoppy Easter!
ETA: Since my adaptation of Marie's bunny box, Marie has posted a wonderful tutorial on her blog -check it out here!