Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Hartford Hockey headed to Michigan!

I found a use for all that leftover packing paper from my SU deliveries! Here I've used it as a base for a sign that I made for my son's ice hockey team. They won a regional tournament and are headed to compete for the finals in Michigan soon. I used my Cricut machine to cut each players' name and the big letters. I left it so that I could fold it down the middle for easy transport (hopefully). It got approval from the 12 yr. old as "not embarassing" so hopefully it will be okay to display it, lol!

I try not to do it often, but sometimes I just gotta brag on my kids a bit! These are pictures from our recent home travel hockey tournament. Both of my sons competed at different levels. The best thing about being the tournament director is that I get to hand out trophies and since my kids both got them this year, I get to give them a congratulatory kiss instead of a handshake like the other players all get. It's my special treat for all that hard work :) It's a family affair too - that's my hubby holding the box of trophies to be distributed. Wish us luck in michigan and when I get back I might have some some Mini Catalog samples to show you as I'll be taking some stamping on the road with me!