Tuesday, September 16, 2008

more rubber room pictures

I know you come here to look for stamping ideas and stuff, but this is sorta stamping related (and the closest I've come lately). Here are some more pictures of my almost done Rubber Room. Yep, I decided to call it that instead of my craft room or my stamping space - gotta be different ya know! Plus, most times I really NEED to be in a rubber room, so it seemed fitting. Anyhoo..... the first picture is what happens when you shake a previously opened can of white eggshell finish trim paint when the cover had not been replaced the day before with a hammer. After MANY choice words, my son and I were able to clean it all up pretty good and the second picture shows the same area 2 days (and alot of sweat) later. Sorry, didn't mean to gross you out - lol! The cabinets pictured here are yet another tale of woe in my book of the rubber room. I purchased the counter tops at a discount store about a month ago as they were the last 3 in black and at $30 each, I couldn't pass them up. So, for a month, I've been trying to decide what to put under those countertops. I knew I wanted white, so I bought the u-put-together ones (the ones with paint splattered all over them) and attemtped that. NOT GOOD! So, I will be returning those and in the meantime, went back to Lowe's and purchased the already put together ones you see pictured. On the way down into the basement, I dropped the drawer that you see sitting on top of the counter and the front busted off - ugh! The caulk is drying on it in this picture. Then, as I was putting the other drawers in after the counter tops were placed, I realized that they wouldn't close as the lip hung over too far - double ugh! After a short cry on the newly paint-free floor, I bucked up and decided to head into DH's workshop to see what I could finangle (is that a word?) I cut some "shims" and caulked them onto the cabinet bases to raise the countertop up just enough so it sat flush with the tops of the cabinets and viola - a desk!! Moral of the story.... well, I don't know the moral of this one, it just helps me to whine!! If you made it this far - wanna come play in the new rubber room? Hopefully, I be able to create some stuff in here soon!


Kristin said...

OMG! You must have worked quickly to get that paint off your floor. I am so glad you did! WOW, your rubber room is amazing! I hope you have better luck than I keeping your counter cleaned off so there is actual room to work!

Lynn said...

I'd love to come play in your beautiful new rubber room! (thats what I call my craft room too;-) I had a similar mishap with some white trim paint. Only it was in my Grandmother's bathroom (which was carpeted) and she had just told me to pound on the lid with a hammer only minutes before I tipped it over. YIKES! What a mess!!! Glad you were able to clean it up and get your cabinettes fixed the way you looks GREAT!