Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Technique Cards for DIVA clubbers

Here's a look at the technique cards we do as part of DIVA Club. My Diva's (as they voted to call themselves) each signed an agreement to spend $15 per month for 10 months. Everyone takes a turn playing "hostess". When it is their hostess month they get:

--hostess benefits according to the stampin' up! benefits chart

--20% of their merchandise total

--To choose the 2 techniques that we will learn that month.

--To bring the snack/drink for the others (AND we meet at my house so they don't have to clean theirs)

Everyone gets a technique card like the ones shown above with the directions printed on one side and during the club meeting, we all make the sample to adhere to the back of the card. These cards are printed on a different color cardstock each month so that after 6 months, you have a sampler ring of that color family (see soft subtles above).

Sounds like fun, huh? I am taking spots for a 2nd club! If you're interested, let me know and when I get 10 members (unless everyone wants to commit to spend more $ - then we'll need less members), we can start a 2nd club and you can call yourselves whatever you'd like!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the ladies love these, Michele! looks great!

Diane H said...

WOW, Michele, these are a great idea-wish I lived closer so I could join.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Michele. Hope you get a second group of not-DIVA's!